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    A farm-based seed company growing seeds carefully selected for Northeast gardens and backyards

    Our Seeds

    This year, our first year, we are offering seeds from 24 different varieties of rare and heirloom vegetables and herbs. Our seeds are carefully selected to thrive in the growing conditions of the New England and the Northeast. We choose varieties that do well here and in the field, we save seeds from only the best and most productive plants. All of our varieties are open-pollinated, so the seeds from plants growing this next summer will grow "true to seed", producing off-spring that are just like their parents. That's how these delicious heirloom varieties continue, getting passed along from one generation of gardeners to the next.

    Our Growing Practices

    Our seeds are Non-GMO, and are grown without herbicides or pesticides in western Massachusetts. We use a variety of growing practices to conserve water and enhance the biological activity and diversity of the soil, including mulching, rotating crops, and composting.

    Who We Are

    Linda Enerson, the farmer/owner of Ox and Robin, has been working with heirloom and rare seeds since 2011. After joining Seed Savers Exchange, a worldwide network of seed savers, she was hooked on exploring and preserving the wonderful qualities of heirloom vegetable and herb varieties, many of which surpass commonly available food crops in taste, disease resistance and aesthetic appeal.  In addition to raising crops, she also trains the oxen used as the main power source on the farm. Linda also creates the watercolor/collage artwork for every Ox and Robin seed label.

    What's in a Name

    As oxen are the main power source on our farm, it seemed only natural that they would be a part of the name. Right now, there are three head of cattle that are working or being trained to work at Ox and Robin. Gonzalo, the handsome devil on the logo, is what the old-timers call "handy", meaning he works willingly and ably in a yoke. Gonzalo is a single ox and has been suffering for company, so he gained a couple of new friends this year. Gabriel and Simon, two Brown Swiss calves born last fall, are in process of being trained to pull. As they were born a week apart, out of dams who each had the same sire, they will make a good team as they get along great, think and look alike.

    As for the robins, these heralds of spring, always seem to be where the oxen are in the field. We look forward to their arrival every year as it signals that the planting season is close at hand.

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  • Stores selling Ox and Robin seeds

    Where you can find Ox and Robin Seeds in and around southern New England:

    Achille Agway, Brattleboro, VT

    Achille Agway,Hillsboro, NH

    Achille Agway, Keene, NH

    Achille Agway, Milford, NH

    Achille Agway, Peterborough, NH

    Achille Agway, Walpole, NH

    Atlas Farm Store, South Deerfield, MA

    Atkins Farms Country Market, Amherst, MA

    Dave's Soda and Pet Food City, Northampton, MA

    Greenfield Farmer's Cooperative Exchange, Greenfield, MA

    Hadley Garden Center, Hadley, MA

    Happy Valley Gifts, Northampton, MA

    Quabbin Harvest, Orange, MA

    Red Fire Farm North, Montague, MA

    Simple Gifts Farmstand, Amherst, MA

    Upinngil, Gill, MA

    Seed Racks

    Hand-crafted racks are available to display Ox and Robin seeds. These beautifully crafted racks are made from sasafras and walnut wood by Amish craftsman, Jake Miller.

    Call Linda for details and pricing (413)-404-3286

    Seed Packs

    Seed packs feature original watercolor/collage of the variety on the front and variety description, days to maturity and growing instructions on the back.

    Gift Seed Cards

    Gift seed cards include a blank greeting card featuring artwork of one of the varieties with a pack of seeds inside. Gift seeds are ideal as a small gift on its own or attached to a larger gift. Cards and white envelope are standard A7 size, and are enclosed in a plastic sleeve.